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Introducing ShotTracker with SmartShot™ Technology
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with SmartShot™ Technology

How It Works

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Our Mission

At Take Aim our passion is empowering clay target shooters and sportsman to improve their accuracy and elevate their shooting skills to the next level. Our Patented SmartShot™ Technology uses the ShotTracker’s integrated camera, processor and sensor system to turn your shotgun into an intelligent device.

The SmartShot™ Software analyzes your shot to deliver immediate feedback on hit and miss accuracy, range to the target, velocity of the target, probability of breakage and the motion of the shooter. The analysis yields the corrections that the shooter needs to make the next shot aimed precisely and on target. This performance feedback is presented on the shooter’s smart phone both audibly and visually via the ClayTracker Application. This information is used as the foundation to provide an incredible learning environment and an engaging social experience.

Take your shooting accuracy to the Next Level

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