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Paul Giambrone, III

Paul “L.P.” Giambrone, III has been involved in skeet shooting for over 30 years. During that time period, he has won 25 World Championships and has shot 30 400X400s (2 were shooting all .410 targets). Paul has amassed numerous national titles over the years. Over the past two decades, he has been the Captain of the Open All-American team several times. He is also the youngest person to be inducted into the NSSA HOF.

Paul now travels across North America giving lessons and trains shooters to meet their personal goals. Anything from being a better shotgun shooter to winning a World Title and everything in between.

Call or email Paul directly to schedule your lesson and take your game to the next level! Email or call 985-966-5450.

Gil Ash

Gil has hunted and fished most of his life catching his first fish when he was only 6 years old and shooting his first dove when he was 8. He began his clay target career in skeet in 1975 and began shooting sporting clays in April of 1983! He has won major competitions in both Skeet and Sporting Clays all over the country.

Gil took the second NSCA Level I instructor certification course, helped teach the first Level II course and was one of 2 of 24 candidates to pass the first level III certification. Gil and his wife Vicki are both NSCA Level III coaches and have been professional shooting coaches for 31 years on three continents. Gil has co-authored 16 books as well as countless articles in numerous magazines worldwide. The Ashes are the shot gunning editors for Safari Magazine and are contributing editors for Clay Target Nation and were the shooting editors for Sporting Clays Magazine.
Gil and Vicki have a website called the OSP Knowledge Vault the houses all their books and articles as well as 5-6,000 videos on wing and clay shooting and 200+ pod casts that members can down loaded in audio or written form. Gil is a sought after motivational speaker as well as the authority on chokes and shot shell efficiency do to his research and his shot spread analysis that has become the gold standard in the industry.

With a depth of experience in all aspects of wing and clay shooting, Gil is experienced not only as a coach on clays but on game birds as well. The Ashes have made countless trips to international locations to coach game shooters on the real thing in the field. They have been to South America 37 times on coaching expeditions for shooters from all over the world.

On YouTube Gil has 76 videos that have been viewed 13,000,000+ times (averaging 1,000,000 views per year). If you want to know the bottom line to consistent achievement in hitting a moving target with a shotgun you need to look no further than Gil Ash.

Richard Marshall, Jr.

Richard, a 31-Time All-American and 4-Time Grand American World Champion, is a shooting instructor and head shooting coach at Doane University.

Other accomplishments include:

  • Trapshooting Hall of Fame Member 2015
  • Broke 400×400 All Around – 2013 Western Grand
  • Captain of the Men’s team, 2001, 2002 & 2022
  • Inducted into the Nebraska State Hall of Fame in 1998 and ATA Grand Slam in 1998
  • ATA Life Member
  • NSSF Member
  • NSCA/NSSA Life Member

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